Variations: Draighean, Mother of the Wood,Prunus spinosa, sloe, wild plum, wishing thorn
The blackthorn shrub, with its stiff black branches, has long been associated with the crown of thorns worn by Christ. Blackthorn grows in clusters, making thick, impenetrable thickets, with each individual shrub reaching a height of 15 feet. The short, lateral thorns that cover the branches are so strong and sharp that they can penetrate animal hide as well as virtually any man made fabric. Blackthorn has long been considered a magical plant and offers protection against psychic and vampire attacks, as its branches make effective stakes. Folklore says that placing blackthorn branches over the grave of a vampire prevents it from rising from its grave.
Source: Gypsy Lore Society, Journal of the Gypsy Lore Society, 127; Hastings, Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics, 590; Perkowski, Vampires of the Slavs, 176

Encyclopedia of vampire mythology . 2014.

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(Prunus spinosa)

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